One of Our Clowns is Missing is my black comedy novel that explores the inner clown that lurks inside each of us. Read an excerpt of the book here, or get it now at Amazon.

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Hal Quinn and his friend Peter join a local troupe of buffoons in the hope of winning fame and fortune. The troupe however is more adept at frightening small children and annoying busy shoppers than creating great comedy. Never-the-less, they have their sights set on the big prize – the Golden Banana Skin Award at the 1987 Festival of Fools. Trouble looms as Hal falls in love with Angie, who is a fellow fool and the ex-girlfriend of a clown – and former mercenary – with a large collection of guns…

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All the world hates a clown

Krusty the Clown in 'The Simpsons.' Pennywise the killer clown in Stephen King's 'It.' Heath Ledger's Joker in 'The Dark Knight.' Ross Noble in 'Stitches.' 

It's no wonder so many people are afraid of clowns. But Why are we so obsessed with Creepy clowns rather than funny ones?

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